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So, I’ve finally gotten a chance to cast on some really, really selfish knitting. As you may remember, I have been gushing about my plans for the Livingstone Cardigan from the last issue of Interweave Knits for what feels like forever. I cast on way back before the new year, and, except for a sick day where I couldn’t bring myself to do anything more than stare at the TV screen, I’ve been knitting away on it. The new drop in temperature (I’m pretty sure it dropped 30 degrees overnight) really has me pushing for my new, cozy sweater (Don’t tell me that the finishing/blocking stage will take forever. I WILL WEAR IT AND BE WARM!). In fact, due to the chunky wool (I’m using Cascade Eco), I’ve already finished the back…

you're just going to have to deal with bad, indoor pictures today. It's 20 degrees outside. I don't love you THAT much!

The right front…

right front

and started on the left one.

just a wee bit of the left front

It’s going pretty well, although have run into a couple of problems. Because Eco is a really light chunky wool (some people even use it as a worsted), I wanted to use size US10 needles instead of the required 10 1/2. It took me a bunch of time staring at the strange diagram in the magazine, but I was pretty sure that I would only need to go one size up to get gauge. Still, I commented on the pattern on ravelry to see if anyone had any suggestions for me, and the designer (Amy Miller) replied by that afternoon, which was pretty impressive!

so, apparently the numbers at the bottom are the length of the BACK, not the back and front like it looks like. Who would've thought?

I’ve noticed that the pattern is written a little…oddly… at times. I don’t think I’ve ever knitted an entire sweater from a printed magazine, so it might just be the printers trying to save space, but I had gotten confused. This honestly isn’t my first sweater. Plus, those intricate cables? Those charts are pretty damn small! I’ve been using one of the see-through highlighter post-it tab things that I use to mark pages in my history books to keep track of which line of the pattern I’m on. It’s been working pretty well, as long as I remember to move it up after every row šŸ˜‰

can you read what it says? because sometimes I swear I can't!

Although for some reason, my armhole decreases on my right front are almost an inch shorter than the ones on the left. I’m not sure why; I’ve gone through the pattern and my knitting, and I don’t think I made any mistakes. From what I can tell from the crazy-ass schematics in the magazine, they should only be 1/4 inch off. Hopefully I’ll be able to fudge it during the blocking stage.

can you tell the difference? I swear it's a solid inch...

The only other concern I have is how much yarn I have. I ripped all of the yarn from my old Slouch Rib Cardigan (which did not fit AT ALL- good riddance), and I found the 100g I had left over from that. Hopefully that will be enough. I’ve been stalking ravelry to see if anyone has any ends that could match my yarn, but I’ve long since lost the ball band. This is why I should ALWAYS write down the colorway and dye lot on ravelry. Urgh. I really don’t have to buy another skein- they’re 250g each, and most LYS’s and even online stores sell them for $20. That’s certainly not bad, but I would hate to have to invest that much for the little I think I’m going to end up using. Plus, I bet the dye lot won’t be very close… Oh well. Such is life.

detail on the cableing


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