Fingerless Mitts!


Most people guessed from the last picture that I was working on socks, but, no! I’ve decided to make myself (first project for me in AGES!) a pair of fingerless mitts. I haven’t made a pair in years, and I don’t even know where my last set is… I figured that, since I’ll probably be using them mainly while fiddling around on the computer when it is decidedly colder in the house than I’d like, I should probably choose some light weight wool and a cute pattern to show it off.

Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts

Enter the Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts pattern from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. Have I ever told you guys that I have all four one-skein wonder books, and I don’t think I’ve knit more than a pattern or two out of any of them? Not anymore! I definitely want to start taking more advantage of the books and magazines that I already own next year, instead of trolling the patterns on ravelry whenever I need some inspiration. I went through several of my books, stickying patterns that I like to favorite on ravelry. I had an eye out for fingerless mitts, and finally settled on this pattern for a couple of reasons. First, the fingering weight yarn would create a fabric that wouldn’t be too thick that it would get in the way of typing, but would still be plenty warm. Secondly, the lace pattern is pretty simple, and would work well with some of the leftover hand-painted sock yarns ruminating in my stash.

Northern Lights Fiber Company Sock Yarn in Colby: baby blue, yellow, and hints of brown and teal

Thus, I chose this beauty. I got it as a present years ago from a close friend who went to Alaska and bought it for me as a souvenir. I know that the company is Northern Lights Fiber Co., but I’m pretty sure it’s 100% wool, without any nylon. It doesn’t have the hardiness that nylon usually adds to sock yarn, despite what the ravelry page might say. I also know that the colorway is called colby. It’s baby blues, yellows, with hints of brown and teal. Very bright, and something that I probably wouldn’t wear to match with anything. Thus, fingerless mitts make the perfect project! They won’t put the stress on the yarn the way socks would, and I don’t really plan on wearing them out and about very often.

first mitt- aka gigantor

Yesterday I cast off the first mitt, only to discover that it is way, way too big. Like an inch or two beyond what I would like it to be. I even swatched…but my swatch was too tight, so I went up a needle size. I didn’t measure my hand. For some reason, I vaguely remember measuring it at 7″, which the book says is a size small. Still, the pattern looks great, so I think I’m just going to frog that one and try again. I’ve already cast on another one with needles two sizes down, which will hopefully fit. The first mitt will be frogged as soon as I can bring myself to do it…

trying again, go me!

To all those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! And to all those who don’t, happy three day weekend!


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  1. Inspiration! I have some handpainted yarn that I had decided would be just the thing for fingerless mitts. This pattern is perfect. Now to peruse my bookshelf and see if that is the One-Skein book that I have…

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