New Design: Leafy Tops Hat


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about the hat that I addictively knit in one day, abandoning all of my other projects? Well, here it is, all blocked out, with the pattern completely written up. I introduce you to the Leafy Tops Hat.

The Leafy Tops Hat plays with the traditional hat crown, adding lace to the decreases to create four leaves at the top of the hat. The inch of ribbing at the bottom of the hat will keep the tops of the wearer’s ears warm, and the stockinette body makes it a great gift for someone who enjoys a more simple style. Additionally, the leaves also resemble Christmas trees, making it a great holiday gift. The hat ends up being pretty long, considering it only used one 50g ball of yarn; it covers well over the tops of my ears. Fair warning, though, I only had a couple of yards of yarn left, so if your guage is slightly off you might want to either grab another ball or do a row or two less of the stockinette body.

The recommended yarn, Knit One, Crochet Two Brae Tweed, is a fairly loosely spun single ply. When I first started working with it, I was a little nervous that it would be splitty, but it surprisingly wasn’t. In fact, I ended up really enjoying knitting with it. It’s pretty soft in your hand, and the tweed bumps are pretty cool. It’s kind of fun to see how they come out in each stitch, and weather they show up on the right side or the wrong one. The interesting fiber content (60% merino, 20% baby llama, 10% bamboo, and 10% wool) makes a finished fabric that is warm, drapey, and incredibly soft, while still being pretty thick. It’s a great project for someone who will be out in the cold! Although I highly recommend Brae, any aran weight yarn would work as long as you can achieve the correct gauge.

For some reason, I keep wanting to call it the Leafy Tips Hat…what do you guys think? Tips or tops? Hmmmm…

If you would like to knit the Leafy Tips Hat, you can directly download the pdf here, although I would love to see your finished project on ravelry! And for more information, please check out the ravelry page here. Just a quick warning, though: although the pattern is free for now, after a while it might change to a pay pattern. I did put in a lot of effort on it, and I really like the finished project. I would love for knitters to get the chance to make it for free, but I do need to subsidize the yarn and materials costs for my designs somehow, and I am just a poor college knitter… I promise to give you fair warning, however, before I change the pattern!


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