New Design: Flying Home Scarf


The first time I conceived of this scarf, it was as a Hanukah present for my mother. She hardly ever wears scarves, so I wanted something delicate and special to keep her warm on her habitual walks. The lace v’s remind me of wings, and of myself, flying home from college to see her. The garter stitch adds texture and depth, keeping the scarf from rolling up. The stitch pattern is modified from the Sunrise, Sunset lace stitch pattern (#139) in the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 1.

close up of the stitch pattern in Frog Tree Alpaca

Flying home comes in two sizes. First, there is a scarfette, designed to utilize a special 50g skein. This is the perfect project for that odd ball of cashmere, alpaca, or other luxury fiber that has been marinating in your stash. The scarfette sample was knitted in just one 50g of Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet, a squishy, heavy fingering weight yarn made of 90% wool and 10% nylon. Although Happy Feet is very bright and colorful, the patterning still comes out, making flying home really good for anyone, like my mother, who loves BRIGHT colors. The size small comes out to 40 inches long.

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet

The second size is a full scarf, which takes 100g of yarn. This sample was knitted in 100g (2 skeins) of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport. The 100% Alpaca really bloomed as lace, creating a wonderful halo while still keeping stitch definition. Despite the lacyness of the fabric, the Alpaca will also keep the wearer snuggly warm! The larger size makes a cozy 60 inch scarf once blocked.

Frog Tree Alpaca

Any heavy fingering or sport weight yarn will fit the pattern as guage does not really matter for such a lacey scarf. If you are not satisfied with the drape, you can always go up (more drape) or down (less drape) a needle size. You can directly download the pattern pdf here, or find more information on the ravelry page here.

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