Ghosts of Sweaters Pasts part 1: Slouch Rib Cardigan


I think, because the temperature has finally dropped, I’m feeling the need to do some real sweater knitting. Still, as a thrifty college student, I can’t exactly go out and buy sweater quantities of yarn every time I feel like it, so I thought I would take a look back at some of my sweater fails, and maybe do some ripping.

Awkward, squinting into the sun shot. Sorry.

Today, let’s talk about my Slouch Rib Cardigan. This was a free pattern from interweave, and I was attracted to the boxy, slouchy, comfortable shape that it presented.

Button band shot. I'm definitely keeping the buttons- I got them on sale somewhere, and they're very nice!

I made the cardigan in mid 2009, and I was pretty new to sweater knitting. I didn’t really understand yarn weights and guage differences very well, so when I subbed the bulky yarn the pattern calls for with Cascade Eco in a natural brown, I didn’t really know what would happen. Eco is a rather strange yarn- it can pretty much either be knit as a tight worsted or a more lofty chunky weight. I didn’t really think to adjust for that, so my guage came out a little bit off. Also, I didn’t really understand ease, so I think the pattern would have been MUCH better if I had gone up a size. Either way, my cardigan is way to short- it looks like a crop top (which makes me look a little…pudgy)! There’s something off with the shoulder seams, too. I can feel the whole sweater pulling on them when I wear it. I guess that’s probably a size/guage issue, though. I think it says a lot about the pattern that a novice like me figured it out enough to make the sweater relatively quickly with the only real mistakes being on my end.

up close of the shoulder

This sweater is definitely going in the frog pile. As of now, all it does is sit in a drawer in my room at home, where I’ll never wear it. I would much rather make use of the yarn, either for knitting OR wearing enjoyment. I think I said this before, but I’m really excited about making the Livingstone Cardigan in the last issue of Interweave Knits. It’s a cozy cabled cardigan with a shawl collar. I’m probably going to do some swatching before I start, though. After browsing ravelry for a while, I think might go down a needle size from what the pattern calls for, and then just go up a couple of pattern sizes to get the right fit for me (math…urgh). I think it’ll need to be a bit of a denser fabric to get the kind of crisp cables that I want.

socky sock!

As for current knitting, I’ve got a bunch of things blocking on the floor, so stay tuned for some finished object/design posts! And the Wavy Toes socks are zooming down the needles- I’m working on the gusset of the first sock already. I think they’re looking pretty good!


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