The Hat that Ate My Life


So you know how I was supposed to post yesterday and…didn’t? Partly, that’s because I’m pretty exhausted from a crazy couple of days. The other part is because I was non-stop knitting on this:

horrible pictures, sorry, it's cloudy

Yes, it’s another hat. Yes, I should be knitting on the pair of socks my mom commissioned for my aunt for Hanukah. But I was just thinking about all of the hats that I’ve made, and how, in simple stockinette hats, the decreases are usually the spirally kind or the square kind, but if you do something with ribbing and decrease with that, it sort of looks like a mix of the two. And then I started thinking about the Knit One Crochet Two Brae Tweed that I got a couple of weeks ago, and how it really wanted to be a hat (*it wanted. That does not mean I wanted it to be a hat…I swear!), and how it could have a cool crown…and then a swatch (if anyone wants to know, the swatch is only in Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I wasn’t sure how well the lightly spun Brae would react to swatching and then ripping, and I want to use almost all of my single skein).

again, the sky is really overcast. and the swatch wanted to curl...

And then I cast on (OK, it wasn’t exactly in this order- I did cast on before I realized I should probably swatch the decreases. So what.). It was go really quickly…deceptively quickly. I finished the ribbing last night, and then knit most of the stockinette this morning while I was watching last night’s comedies on the DVR, and I got through the decreases after spending a decent amount of time working on my take-home exam. I think they came out how I want them…I think a light blocking might help. We’ll see…

but really, they look like leaves...a little...

Speaking of blocking, I really do have a lot of blocking to do. And then, after I’ve finished blocking, I’ll have a lot of finish object/new designs to post about. Wooo! But seriously, I have this hat and the scarves, and I’m not in the mood for blocking. Maybe I’ll really need something to do over the weekend? We’ll see. And I also have some great news- a couple of weeks ago I won a contest! My copy of Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures Using Judy’s Magic Cast On by Judy Becker was sent to my home address, so now that I’ve come home for my excessively long winter break I’ve got my hands on it. Keep you eyes peeled for a review!


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