New Design: Top-Down Hat Recipe


Today, I would like to introduce you to my newest pattern: the Top-Down Hat Recipe. This pattern shows you how to make a plain-jane, worsted weight stockinette hat, with one spot of fancy-ness: it’s from the top down. This makes it ideal for using up errant skeins of yarn and making quick projects out of them…dare I say… Christmas gifts? The pattern comes in three sizes (to fit 19 inch, 21 inch, and 23 inch heads), making it easily customizable for anyone on your list.

hatty hat hat!

I made my first hat out of leftover pieces of Cascade Dolce and Valley Yarns Stockbridge. The unique fiber combinations (lots of alpaca!) make the hat really soft and drapy: it’s the perfect gift for someone studying abroad in a cold climate.

How it looks on a head...

The second hat was made out of a skein of Elizabeth Lasvold Calm Wool that had been marinating in my stash for a while. Despite the fact that it’s a blend, this yarn definitely feels like coarse wool. Still, the hat came out pretty cool, and the stifness really shows off the spiral increases on the crown (I think it sort of looks like a flower, right?).  I made it up in about 24 hours, so this is really the epitome of a last-minute knitted gift!

crown in creases in calm wool

If you would like to make a hat, feel free to check out the ravelry page here or download the pdf here. It will be a free pattern for pretty much ever, so feel free to take your time. I would love to see the pattern knit up in all sorts of yarn, and you can modify this pretty much however you want- stripes, stitch patterns, color work, whatever! The only thing I ask is that you credit my pattern when you use it so I can see what you make! Happy knitting!

And by the way, the Slightly Skewed Hat and Scarf Set is now a pay pattern. Sorry if you missed the free period, but I would really appreciate your donation. And if you really can’t afford it, please get in touch and I’m sure we can work something out.



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  1. I haven’t seen too many top-down hats out there. And a recipe to boot. Great job!

    Also, a skein that has more yardage than previously thought is a better definition of tardis yarn than my “this blue is tardis-like” Your comment made me laugh with how clever it was.

  2. Love this, but the instructions have me a little confused. After I cast on, do I knit twelve rows then increase or just start increasing after casting on?

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