So, I’ve been pretty busy lately, and I don’t really have much to tell you about. Last night, in a fit of Christmas Knitting panic (and peer pressure from reading too many knitting blogs that are also in a panic…) I may have cast on a hat for a friend WHO I DON’T EVEN SEE VERY OFTEN, only to realize that I’ve made her hand-knits before and I never see them on. So that got frogged…although the haze did not fade until I realized I had no where near enough yarn (it was leftovers from an old sweater). There is just north of nothing on the needles right now, and nothing BIG is going on the needles until after finals. I promise. Hold me to it? Please????

And then I awoke this morning to a certain holiday. Today is the Last Day of Classes, or, as we like to call it, Blowout. I don’t know what extents other schools go to, but my normally restrained school gets a little…intense. The real holiday is in the Spring, where we have a carnival on a field, and Seniors try and sneak into the freshman dorms to ‘toast’ their old rooms (they’re locked out because freshman pretty much cannot have alcohol in their rooms). Things are still getting pretty good for fall semester. When I walked into my 10:00 class, the whole room smelled like alcohol. Honestly, I’ve been in bars that smelled less. There were three people next to me passing around a water bottle filled with what looked like Rum and Coke. No joke. And the Professor just took it in stride. It was very impressive.

So, that’s all you’re going to hear from me, today. I will NOT be participating (except through contact hight)– instead, I’m finishing up an essay and starting a take-home midterm in order to be prepped for next week. I’ll see you on the other side!


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