Week from Hell…


Fair warning- this blog post will begin with a bit of complaining, then move on to the knitting!

So…I don’t know if you could tell from my last post, but I didn’t come out of the break in a very happy mood. The oppresivity of my entire family gathered together was starting to get to me. That’s why I may have sounded grumpy in my last post! As many of you reminded me, sometimes it’s OK to splurge on the yarn, especially if it’s the good stuff. And I totally agree. At this point, though, I’m surviving on a scimpy allowance from home and the remains of paychecks from my summer jobs. For now, buying ANY yarn is a splurge. Eventually, when I’m making some money, I promise to buy some Tosh (oh darn, such a hard promise. How am I going to keep it?).

Anyway, the other reason I was in a bit of a bad mood is the amount of schoolwork I have on the agenda. Going in to the holiday, I knew I would have to get some work done, but I didn’t realize how tough it would be, especially with all of the fam around. I have one paper due Thus. (9 pages, FINISHED!), one due Fri. (3 pages down, 2 to go), and a take-home exam that I’m getting today (but I want to finish it by Fri.). Then, I have three exams next week (one each on Mon., Tues., and Wed.,). After that, I’m packing everything I’ll need for the next five weeks and going home (Don’t worry, my roommate will be there a little longer, so she’ll be able to bring me whatever I forget). And then I have another take-home to work on due in another week, plus internship applications for the summer. And, in the midst of all of this, my roommate and I decided we want to move off-campus for next year, and that we need to start looking now. Great. As a result, blogging might get a bit sporadic. Sorry!

But, to make me much, much more happy, there was a present waiting in my mailbox when I checked it before lunch yesterday. The new issue of Interweave Knits (Winter 2011) came out! There’s a profile of a knitter (I haven’t gotten to this yet), a good overview of cables (I flipped through it, and it seemed a little basic, but I think I saw some ideas about design and theory that might be interesting to explore), and, of course, the patterns. I have two “I HAVE TO KNIT THIS” favorites…

Nantes Hat, unashamably sniped from the ravelry page

First, the Nantes Hat by Amanda Scheuzger. It is a fantastic mix of lace and cables- I love the crown, and how it tapers to the top. You definitely need to click the link and look at all three pictures. The details are fantastic. I was considering knitting it in my new Brae Tweed, but I think it needs something a little bit more tightly spun. I might dig through my stash in a bit…or hit the yarn store. You know, you can never have to many hats!

Livingstone Cardigan, again, sniped from the ravelry page

The other pattern I fell in love with is the Livingstone Cardigan by Amy Miller. It’s chunky, with a deep shawl collar, and little toggle clasps. Basically, I love how it looks! The only thing I’m not so fond of is the chunky-ness. I’m afraid that because it’s so thick it will be way too warm to wear inside. But never fear- I have a solution! A couple years ago I made a cardigan with Cascade Eco that really does not fit…and probably needs to be frogged! Frogged! FROGGED! Online, people seem to alternate using Eco either as a worsted (with a denser fabric) or a more lofty chunky. I think this just might work. Stay tuned.


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  1. Hey,
    I’m sorry to leave this message here, but I couldn’t find your email addy (at least, not quickly. And I can be an impatient woman!)
    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog re: cookie baking. Those recipes you listed sound amazing! I’m particularly intrigues by the drop sugar cookies. Now, I love cookies, but shaped cookies sort of make me crazy (see above comment re: impatience). A DROP sugar cookie sounds right up my alley!
    Thanks again!

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