Yarn Shopping!


As you may remember, I had definite intentions over the holiday to hit up some yarn shops. And I did- specifically, I visited The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach. This is a relatively new store (I think it’s been open less than a year), and I was excited to drop by for my second time to see what they had in stock.

Before I tell you what I found, I just wanted to tell you my impressions of the first time I went. First thing, the store is in an office park, so I really thought I was lost, but she has a nice big sign on the side of the building to let you know where she is. When you walk in, you immediately see a nice big table for sitting and getting help, with cubbies and cubbies full of yarn surrounding the room. Most of the yarns were things I had heard about online, and she had TONS of hand-dyed/indie-dyed/local products, which was really impressive. The first time, I bought the skein of Malabrigo Sock that I just used on my nutkins.

So this time, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on some more Malabrigo. I was even prepared to shell out $20 for a skein. What I was not prepared for, however, was the amount (and price!) of Madeline Tosh she had. Don’t get me wrong- the colors and feel of the Tosh was pretty damn fantastic. However, it is pretty much out of my price range (I’m not sure I can afford $28 before tax for a skein of sock yarn). And, about half of the store was Tosh. I do not exaggerate. It was just a bit excessive.

Still, I managed to find two skeins that I really like and that are in my price-range. I didn’t plan this, but they’re both from Knit One Crochet Two, another brand that I’ve heard about online but never seen in person.

Brae Tweed- the brown is a little bit darker than the photo shows

First, I got a 50g skein of Brae Tweed in a brown. It’s a single-ply 60% Merino, 20%Llama, 10% Wool, and 10% Bamboo blend (which makes me wonder what’s in the generic ‘wool’) with some tweedy specks. I’m thinking I’ll make myself a nice little hat out of this- I need something neutral and versatile. It’ll probably go really well with my green coat…

From the side- looks really blue...

Secondly, I got a 100g skein of Sock Yarn. I don’t have the label with me, and I can’t find what it is online, but I think it might be 80% superwash wool and 20% silk. Maybe. Anyway, It’s a pretty mix of light blues and greens and white that reminds me a lot of the beach. My mom actually bought it, because she has commissioned a pair of socks for my Aunt for Hanukah. I’m thinking some sort of pattern that looks like waves or sand. I’m sure I can find something!

She did have an incredible selection of books, patterns, and notions. My favorite part was how much I recognized everything from online. Beyond the regular magazines, she didn’t have the standard Vogue or Interweave books, but had at least a couple dozen self-published books from well-known names. It was pretty cool to be able to flip through books that I’ve only ever seen online before. Additionally, she carries the Knit Picks needles, which is fantastic for me. Finally, I’ll be able to get more sock needles, and maybe some more cables for my interchangeable set without paying for shipping. Yeah!

In the end, I definitely do not think of The Yarn Club as my LYS. I think I will occasionally visit when I want 1) something SUPER-NICE, 2) some Knit Picks Needles, or 3) to look at some indie-books and patterns in person. She did have a few work-horse yarns (I think I saw a very small bit of Cascade 220 and Plymouth Galway), but it’s mostly luxury stuff. There is a whole lot of samples, and the service was very nice (even if she did keep walking away from the yarn I had asked her to wind for me after purchasing).


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  1. I know Madelinetosh yarn is expensive, but after knitting with it, $28 doesn’t feel so bad. There is enough in a skein of tosh sock for 2.5 – 3 socks. Perhaps you should check out Tosh Vintage. The average price for that is around $20. I splurged and bought the Pashmina. It is like knitting with clouds. No joke.

    The yarn you bought sure looks yummy though! I can wait to see what sock pattern you end up using.

  2. If you do have the cash to spend, I understand having a budget, Tosh is beyond worth it. I certainly can’t afford to knit solely with it, (I wish), but it’s worth the $30 every now and then.

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