Mom’s Scarf


As I’ve said before, my mom is hard to shop for. In fact, she’s hard to knit for. I’ve made her two sweaters, and I hardly ever see her wear either of them. I’ve made her hats and scarves. She just doesn’t really wear handknitting. Part of it is our climate- it’s very rare that it’s cold enough here for us to wear hats and scarves and sweaters at anything thicker than a fingering weight yarn. Still, when she asks, I make.

it's really more like a scarf-ette

That’s sort of what happened last summer. I made my sunset scarf from some hand-painted fingering weight during the school year, but I didn’t have time to block it until the summer. As I was doing my post-blocking fondle (why is it 90 degress? I WANT TO WEAR A WOOL SCARF!) she saw the scarf and started looking at it longingly. I almost offered to give her the exact scarf, but honestly, I LOVE THOSE COLORS. And I can match it to most of my wardrobe, and I actually wear scarves, and I LOVE IT TOO MUCH TO GIVE AWAY. There. So I’m being a little selfish. So what.

close up of the sunset scarf

Instead, I hit up my LYS for something suitable to sub. I ended up choosing some Plymouth Happy Feet in a bright and busy colorway. There’s pink and gold and blue and green. I think she’ll love it- at the very least, it’s payback for all of the times she’s made me wear clothes that can be considered highlighters 😉

the bad picture I took when I bought was raining, ok!

Because Happy Feet is a sport weight (the original scarf is a fingering weight) I had to make my first subs to the pattern. The first time, I made the knit v’s 2 stitches wide. After I blocked the swatch, I thought it was OK and knitted a couple inches on the scarf. And then I realized it was NOT OK and frogged.

hopefully, the colors are easier to see here

And then I tried again. I got about 8 inches into the scarf before I realized that the scarf was too wide. Trust me, when you can tell that a lace scarf is too wide BEFORE it’s blocked, it’s too wide. So I frogged and fiddled with the pattern some more.

Finally, I noticed something else irking me. On the original pattern the v’s made a little bit of a wavy edge to the scarf. That was not happening on this pattern. So, once again I frogged (count that- 3 times) and fiddled with the pattern. This time, the scarf was about 1 foot and a half long.

close-up of the FINAL stitch pattern

I’ve almost re-reached that length on the newest version (ravelry project page). So far, I think it’s good. I mean, there’s nothing REALLY irking me any more. So hopefully I won’t have to rip again. Hopefully. I’ve put the chart into a word doc so I don’t forget it, and eventually I’ll write up a pattern. At this point, I think I’ve changed enough from the original stitch pattern for me to call it my own (it was from a Vogue Stitchionary). Now I just have to hide it from my mother while I’m home for Thanksgiving break. I guess I should’ve made a decoy project…oh well. I’m going to hit up one of the LYS’s while I’m home. I can pick something up there…

And for all of you Americans, happy Thanksgiving! I’m very thankful that each of you take the time to read my blog and contribute your thoughts!


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