Slightly Skewed


I am finally, finally introducing my first real design project to the world!

I would like you to meet the Slightly Skewed Hat and Scarf Set.

my wonderful model, pretending to enjoy the fact that I dragged her around campus looking for the best late afternoon light...

I really tried to use rotated variations of garter stitch in order to break up the variation on the very, very unique Aruacania Panguipulli. As a result, the directions (especially for the scarf) are specifically designed to incorporate two different skeins of Panguipulli, which has major variation within colorways and even dye lots. Still, you can probably sub any of your favorite aran or worsted weight yarns. The pattern even includes advice for changing the size or guauge- which is really only a problem on the fitted hat!

close up of the hat- you can see how you pick up stitches for the crown

The unique details in the set include the fact that the brim of the hat is knit sideways and stitches are picked up from the edge for the crown. Because the tilted (or skewed, ha ha) garter stitch is very stretchy, this allows the hat to fit from a 21 inch head to a much, much bigger size, making it a great pattern for gifts (I mean, who enjoys measuring their friends’ heads?) Although the eyelets add a smidge of lace, the deep texture makes the scarf and hat very unisex, and I’m sure a man would enjoy it just as much as any woman! The finished scarf, only lightly blocked, measures a very manly 75 inches from tip to tip.

scarf-tastic- as you can see, the eyelets are barely visible, making it a very versatile scarf!

The pattern includes both a charted and written out version of the repeat, and the charter version is on both pattern pages- no more flipping through your booklet looking for charts! The pattern also includes some very, very rough sketches (an artist, I am not) to further illustrate the construction of the hat. If  you have any further questions about anything in the pattern, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, through this blog or ravelry.

and again, one more close-up of the textured pattern

You can directly download the PDF here, or visit the ravelry page of the pattern to download it here. The pattern is FREE, at least for the first few weeks/months. Eventually, I may convert it to a pay pattern, but any proceeds from that go entirely to my yarn stash fund, in order to supply me with enough yarn to churn out beautiful new patterns! Also, please remember that because the pattern is free it does not mean you may reproduce/sell it at will- please contact me if you would like to sell the pattern in a shop. I do not mind if you sell the finished product.


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