WIP’s and FO’s


2 socks! Count 'em, 1-2!

Yesterday I finished my second nutty sock. I will hang my head in shame, because while I was bitching and moaning about the cast on, I ended up just doing it about half an hour after I posted. After that, yes, I knitted a sock in less than a day. It just flew off of the needles! I’m blaming the combo of the malabrigo sock and the nutkin pattern, which was so KNITTABLE and luscious. I literally finished ALL of the yarn, which was pretty fantastic. No left-overs, no nothing.

I have no idea why my camera is having such troubles with these socks...

I spent a couple of hours knitting outside of our college bookstore. I was actually listening to a very awesome podcast that I found online. No, no, it is not about knitting. Almost a year ago, the British National Museum started putting together a series of radio shows on the History of the World in 100 Objects. Each object gets a 14 min. show, and they posted them online for FREE! Of course, they’re also publishing a book to go along with it, and that’s totally going on my wish list.

Heel detail

The other podcast I listened to while knitting my socks is the Playful Day Podcast. I first started listening to knitting podcasts a really long time- I have listened to the eminent Cast On almost since it first started airing. Along the way, I picked up a couple of other podcasts that I listened to fairly regularly, but around the time I left for college, I fell out of the podcast-listening bug. I’m not quite sure where I found Playful Day, but I decided to give it a listen while I was working on the first sock. Obviously, I liked it. There’s something soothing about actually listening to someone talk about their knitting successes and failures, especially when you are succeeding…or failing. I’d forgotten that feeling. Plus, she has a perfect British accent that I can listen to all day and she has a great storytelling talent.

artsy unfocused upside-down/ looking down the side of the sock shot...

So, now that I think I’ve gotten rid of the sock bug, I’m starting to work on my mother’s new scarf. It’s the one I talked about last time, using my new Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet. Sometime soon, I’ll devote a whole post just to this scarf…at least one whole post.

swatch blocking. Yes, I realize you can't see the pattern very well...it's a problem in person, too

Plus, the other day I suffered* through a trip to the local Jo-Anne’s for some T-Pins, and now the scarf/hat design duo are lightly blocking on my floor. Hopefully they’ll be dry by the time my room mate comes back, and I can have them unpinned and photo-ready in time for me to get some great pictures on my back deck!

the scarf stretches over 7 1ft. blocks...this may be a problem...

*Yes, suffered. First, the only package of T-Pins I could find was not on the right hanger, so I had no idea what the price was. Luckily, they turned out to only be $3.50, and I had a half off coupon. Once I got to the register, the ONE cashier was helping this lady who had about five questions about her fabric and eventually made her go back and check the price. There were about 5 people in line before the lady behind me went to find someone else to help us. Eventually, the manager came up with two more cashiers. I think the original lady got chewed out, which she should have…


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