Socks and Scarves


Yesterday morning I finished off my nutty sock, but I’ve been putting off starting the next one. Second sock syndrome is pretty new to me- that’s probably because I just plain like knitting all parts of my socks. I like how portable they are, and I generally pick easily memorizeable patterns that catch my interest. In this case, I’m putting off working with that fiddly turned hem on the cuff of the sock. I pretty much hate it, but I respect myself too much to just forget it and do ribbing. In any case, I promise that I will do it today…or tomorrow. Tomorrow at the VERY LATEST- I have a canceled class, and that’s plenty of time for me to work on it. I promise…

I don't know why it's so dark- it IS raining, but I also turned the flash on...

Because there’s such little news on the sock, I wanted to talk about some yarn shop adventures. For some reason, last week I had the pressing need to hit the yarn shop for no apparent reason. Well, that’s not quite true. I was listening to an episode of the Playful Day podcast and I heard her talking about her Purl Ridge Scarf. I’ve never made a cowl/circular scarf for myself, and had been thinking of one for some time. Of course, there’s nothing perfect for scarves in my stash. Obviously. So that went on the ‘shopping list,’ which got me thinking of actually going shopping.

Secondly, I’ve been thinking about my Hanukah present list. My mother is incredibly hard to shop for. I’ve knitted for her before, and I hardly ever see her wear her hand knits- especially the accessories. Still, she has recently started to obsessively walk her dog, and I know she’ll need something to keep her warm. Over the summer I caught her sneaking very jealous looks to a scarf I had finally gotten around to blocking. It was something I had put together to use up about half of a skein of handpainted yarn that I had acquired…somewhere. So, when I went shopping, I also had on the list something variegated or handpainted in colors that I think she’ll like to make into a scarf.

I made the quick trip over to my LYS, Knitting Sisters. I guess it was because it was almost 5:00 on a Friday, but they had three different people working in the shop, which seemed to me like a bit of overkill, but whatever. However, when I started browsing where they keep most of their brightest sock yarns, one of the girls asked me what I was looking for. I THOUGHT I replied that I was just browsing for something to make a scarf out of, but apparently she thought I said that I was deeply in over my head and I needed her to lead me around the store, showing me BOTH yarns and patterns. I get this pretty regularly- people assume that just because I am young I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I would have thought that the lace hat and scarf that I was wearing would have given it away, but apparently not. One I eventually got her to leave me alone, I ended up purchasing two 50g skeins- one for me, one for mom. I think we both would appreciate some mini-scarves that will keep us warm, but it honestly doesn’t get cold enough here for really cozy, warm scarves.

yes, I know how bad the pictures is. It's RAINING, people...

First, for mom I picked up a skein of Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in color 27, which is browns, oranges, pinks, and even some light blues. Although it’s 90% superwash and 10% nylon, it is still REALLY soft and will go well against her skin. Plus, if something happens and it gets dirty she can always just throw it in the wash, which is always a plus. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it to fit into the same stitch pattern that she was eyeing so hungrily last summer.

there's nothing to say

Secondly, I picked up another skein of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend for myself. This time I picked Violet Multi, which is pretty much just different shades of pinks and purple. Some of you will probably remember that I just made my sister a scarf in this yarn a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll use that same exact pattern…but I might. This is probably going into the queue after mom’s scarf, so I have plenty of time to waffle about what I want to do.

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  1. I get that too, in yarn stores, so I understand. Just because I’m 21, doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting for over 10 years. I made my mom a great vest for Hannukah. “Sexy Vesty” on ravelry. But I’m making owl mittens for my boyfriend’s mother for Christmas. For the vest, I used Rowan’s Cashsoft. It’s a 10% cashmere, merino, and microfiber acrylic blend that is super soft AND machine washable. It was great for my mother because she works with dogs all day, an its a small layer to keep her warm. Plus if she gets it dirty, she can throw it in the washer! I’m super proud of it, which is why I’m going on and on, and i’ll stop now. Your socks are lovely!

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