Where we last left off, I was talking about my design project with Araucania Pangupulli. The yarn is definitely variegated and busy, so I couldn’t really find any patterns on ravelry that I thought would really fit. As I swatched and played around with the yarn, I feel a little bit in love with how it looks in garter stitch. The ridges make the highlight colors really pop on what seems like a field of darkness…I think it’s pretty cool, at least.

Of course, because I can never do anything by halves, I can’t just do a straight garter stitch scarf and hat. Instead, I chose to tilt the garter a little. By ‘deconstructing’ a basic chevron stitch, I added a center knit panel, making it seem as if the garter was almost knit on a bias (am I using the technical language right?). On the hat, then, where the pattern panel is turned on it’s side, I just added a garter edge to make about an inch of a ribbed brim.

swatchy...sorry for the pictures, my camera REALLY does not like this yarn

And then I had to deal with picking up the stitches for the hat body. In my experience, most hats made out of worsted on size US 8 needles use around 100 stitches- and I had to figure out how to pick up stitches from a sideways edge to make a flat (unpuckered) fabric. To add to the problem, the ‘brim’ has A LOT of stretch, so you can’t really tell if a stockinette fabric is too big for…any head…until you’ve really knit a few rows and try it on. After a couple of tries, I got what I felt like a good fabric, and was ready to turn to the decreases.

hopefully, what the hat will look like AFTER it is blocked and doesn't fold up on itself

Obviously, I can’t do anything easily. No easy-peasy left or right leaning spiral decreases- I wanted to do something new. Somewhat inspired by Jared Flood‘s Turn a Square Hat, I tried out some square decreases. I really like swapping the right and left leaning decreases so that it looks like you have four ‘spines’ eating up the fabric on your head. I think it looks cool, and since I’m really designing for myself, I get to choose!

it's a little easier to see the square part of the decreases...right?

So here it is, my mostly finished hat. It needs a really solid block, but I can’t seem to find my blocking pins right now (are they hiding under my bed???), so that will have to wait. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up both the hat and scarf pretty soon and get everything all blocked out and pretty so I can take some pictures and write up a pattern for you guys…if anyone wants it????

lying flat, baby. Ooooh, sexy!


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  1. That is so creative 😮 I’d love the pattern if you don’t mind sharing. I am in the process of knitting hats for Christmas gifts and I’d love to try this for someone. Great work. P.S. It’s nice to find a young knitter. I’m in college too and I only know two other people my age who knits.

    • It’s awesome to see another college knitter, too! I’m making a matching scarf for the hat, so I’m going to post a double pattern for both. Supposing I have the time to finish, it should be up within a week or two, fingers crossed!

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