I don’t do a whole ton of knitting design, myself. I’m much more of the kind of knitter who sees a design or pattern and falls in love with it. Obviously, I make plenty of mods, but that’s OK. Not everyone is destined to make the same exact project, and not everyone knits the same way I do. For instance, I’m pretty sure my obsessive-compulsive nature comes to light in the fact that I knit socks unbearably tightly. I guess I’m always afraid that the itty-bitty needles will just slip away, so I grip the yarn really, really tightly.

the first skein, already wound into a ball. Black, brown, grey, and yellow.

Anyway, designing. This is kind of a special occasion. A few months ago my parents went to New Mexico to explore and, well, have a vacation. Luckily, my mom knows exactly what kind of souvenir I like and stopped into a yarn store to pick me up something. She decided on two skeins of Araucania Panguipulli. Apparently, she saw a store sample of a shawl that she thought I would love to make. After browsing the pattern section of ravelry for what felt like forever, I really didn’t fall in love with anything.

Skein number two. Black, brown, grey, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

You see, there’s a couple of problems with Panguipulli. The yarn is a three ply, and my colorway (descriptively entitled ’25’) has two plys that are the same throughout; one is black and the other is brown. In one of the skeins, the final ply changes between grey and yellow. The other skein has yellow, grey, blue, green, and purple in the final ply. I’m not quite sure how, but it SEEMS to actually work together. Unfortunately, it is really too busy to use a stitch pattern with any subtlety- a problem when subtle patterns are usually some of my favorites. And because the two skeins are so radically different, I’m going to have to do some striping. Hopefully, because color changes are so short, I’ll be able to do some really big chunky stripes without obviously…making really big chunky stripes. I’ll tell you how it goes.

hat plans

As I was thinking about what I wanted to do, I was also presented with the problem of having two 100g skeins- probably too much for just one scarf. The cozy to eating my head ratio would be dangerously in favor of the eating-my-head side, and that might be a problem. Instead, I decided to add a hat, but do it at the beginning as a sort of make-as-you-go gauge swatch. I once made a hat that had been converted from a scarf pattern my knitting a 20 inch strip of the scarf, sewing the ends together to make a circle, and then picking up stitches on the top edge for the crown of the hat. This, I think (I hope), will really work with this pattern. For now, however, I’m going to leave the pattern as a little bit of a mystery. Tune in next time and I’ll show you my first swatch/hat band!


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