Fantastic News!


Sorry for being a day late, guys, but I have fantastic news to make up for it. I have finished the socks! Well, I actually finished the socks yesterday afternoon and didn’t feel at all like blogging more about them, so this is what you get. Pictures…

2 completed socks. as in absolutely finished...

Pictures of finished socks…


and pictures of parts of finished socks.

What I ended up doing is winding my yarn around a book, counting the wraps, and then dividing that in two to make sure I used all of my yarn. I might have squeezed one more round out of the yarn on one sock, but I’m sure my roommate won’t notice.

can you see it?

Unfortunately, this created a break in the pooling/tye-dye look (as I’m describing it for the intended recipient) on one of the socks. At this point, I really don’t care. I’m just glad they are finished!

it's a little more obvious closer up...

As I’m sure you can tell, these socks couldn’t have been finished soon enough. Notice how the ribbing is only about an inch? Yeah, I could only bring myself to do 10 rows. And those rows took EFFORT. Still, these are my plain-jane socks made out of Knit Picks Stroll Blue-Violet Multi (with some solid green stroll for toes, heels, and ribbing at the top) as a gift for my roommate. She better appreciate them.

Tune in soon for a design project. My prediction will is that, although it will be interesting and keep my attention, the yarn will give me no problems. It will come out exactly as I want it, and I will love to wear it (don’t give me that look). Swatches coming in soon!


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