Scary Stories from the Depths


So I’m still chugging away on Elise’s socks- I haven’t even started the gusset on the second sock. It’s so boring, but I know that if I cast on for another project I will never finish these socks. Ever. They will be tossed in the stash-bin that lives under my bed and will never see the light of day again…and I promised that I would have them finished before we leave for Christmas break. So here’s the deal- I’m making this promise to you, and you have to hold me to it. I will knit on this final sock, and only this final sock, until it is finished. No more scoping out patterns on ravelry, no more digging through my stash, and DEFINITELY no more forlornly stroking other skeins of yarn.


So, because I am not allowed to think about ANY OTHER KNITTING, I thought I would tell you a story. This harrowing tale may scare you to your bones, I know, but it’s in the proper post-Halloween spirit (not even a week late. Yeah!). This story has to do with…registering for classes. (cue spooky laughter)

At my University, we register online using a site called banner. As a result, you get a registration window by year, and your whole year (over 1,000 students) will try to register at the same time, severely…slowing…banner down. I’ve long since learned that you’re much better off if you hard-line into the network using an ethernet cord (tech-speak-did I get it right). Yesterday, when I plugged my ethernet cord into the wall jack to make sure it worked, I noticed a problem. However many times I restarted it, it would not admit that I had connected it to the internet! Trust me-this freaked me out. Some of the classes I want only had a few spots left, and if I wasn’t quick, and my internet quicker, then I wouldn’t get them. So, I went upstairs to our attic-lounge and tried the jacks up there. Lo and behold, it read the network on the first try. That’s when I noticed something else- upstairs, the ethernet slots (helpfully labeled with a purple computer icon) were on the bottom, and the telephone slots were on top. In my room, it was backwards. Sure enough, when I went back downstairs and plugged my cord into the bottom jack, it worked. Some idiot at IT had mislabeled the computer and the telephone jacks and no one had ever switched them…

upstairs- blue phone, purple computer

downstairs- you can't tell, but the blue has a computer icon on it- when it should have the phone icon...

And then, to continue the horror, I decided to check the classes I wanted one more time, just to make sure those crazy Seniors hadn’t taken enough spots to make me worry about getting the classes I want. Cue nervous laughter. Most of the upper-level history classes were about half full, except (of course) for one of the ones which I want, which was COMPLETELY full. Shit. I emailed the Professor to ask for an override into the class, something that’s pretty common on my campus (especially if you lose enough pride to…beg). He got back to me pretty quickly, only to tell me that, despite the fact that registration had only been open for 3 hours, I was already number 12 on the wait list. Of course, he said I had a pretty good chance considering he usually prioritizes majors, but still. How can 11 people have been ahead of me when it had only been open for 3 hours??? IT’S THIS CRAZY CAMPUS! But I did hear that he re-arranges the waiting list again on the first day of classes, giving priority to the people who show up. Fingers crossed, I’ll get in.


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  1. I got into at least three classes well in University that way, by just showing up. Including one class that started with the Prof telling anyone who was not signed up to leave because he never lets anyone new in. I waited until the end of the first class and then explained that I already had a college diploma and was really interested in his lectures and was happy to keep coming as long as it would take for him to let me sign up. I walked out and registered with a written note from the Prof allowing in to the class!!!
    As for the socks, when I have a project that I an bored to tears with I take it with me everywhere and knit it whenever I have a free moment. Eventually it gets finished. Good luck with everything.

  2. Back when I was college, we had cut class to go stand in long, long lines to register. (This was after fighting our way through herds of dinosaurs to get to the registration building.)

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