Finished Object: Socks!


So, to FINALLY talk about what I’ve been hinting at for the past two posts, I want to get to my newest pair of socks. This is a pair of Diamond Gansey Socks from my favorite, Socks from the Toe Up. I knit them in Spud and Chloe Fine in a spirited lime green colorway on my regular Knit Picks US1.5 DPN’s. Here’s my ravelry project page.

so, so pretty

I had actually first gotten the yarn at Woolwinders in Rockville, MD while I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle. Before I left, I had made sure to google any yarn shops close to her. Luckily, we ended up with a couple of free hours for shopping. I browsed the store for a while, trying to make sure I picked out the PERFECT yarn. It’s a rather strange store- kind of small, but they didn’t try to pack the yarn in like my LYS at home does. The stock is spread out, which makes it easier to see all the different choices, but does cut down on the amount they can stock. In the end, I decided on a sock yarn (why not?). I had actually heard of Spud and Chloe online before, but I don’t think that I had ever seen it in person. The fine seemed like a very solid, quality yarn. I especially liked the idea of the silk content- I had never used silk in my socks before, and it sounded like warm feet for me (plus a rather pretty sheen)!  Plus it is actually 60g of wool, not the standard 50g. I can squeeze a single pair of socks out of 50g, especially if I use a contrasting color for the toes, but 60g was actually the perfect amount for me-sized socks.

Looking down

I had my wound skein actually sitting on my desk for a long time (Sweater from Hell, anyone?), waiting for the perfect time to become the perfect pair of socks. When I cast off the Ribby hat, I knew I needed something to slow my knitting mania- I didn’t want to burn out anytime soon! A pair of socks would be good- small guage+small project=takes a little bit more time, but without the investment of a sweater.

Closer up of the stitch pattern- it came out wonderfully!

A solid sock yarn as light and sturdy as mine definitely needed a stitch pattern that would show it. I haven’t actually ventured into the gansey section of SFTTU, and I chose the diamonds because they were…first. When I cast on I freaked out a little that the pattern would be too complicated to hold in my head, and that those socks would just languish on my needles forever. Boy, was I wrong. Except for that little bit of trouble I had with, you know, stabbing myself through the elbow, these things flew off the needle.  And I ended up with a pretty spiffy pair of socks, if I do say so myself!

Artsy shot from above- it kind of looks like I have no ankle, and my foot is just a continuation of my leg...


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