Trajedy (not for the faint of heart)


This post was supposed to be about my newest pair of socks. They were coming along swimmingly, but I’ll tell you about that later. Instead, we will talk about The Trajedy. I had been working on my socks in bed (this is not as wierd as it sounds when you consider that my bed also serves as a bed, sofa, and, on occasion, dining room table) and had left it there. Somehow, my ‘nap blanket’/throw had covered up the knitting, which, it is important to note, was on Knit Picks size US 1.5 nickle-plated DPNs, so that I could not actually see them, even though they were at about elbow level.

Socks. Swimmingly. For Now...

So, after running out of the room to meet a friend and see “the Help” (showing for $2 on campus, after seeing it, I would have paid $10- I guess I should review this later…) I came back, showered, and prepared to watch some TV in bed (on my computer) before sleeping. I hope you see where this is going. I had my headphones in and the show was actually playing before I rested my weight on my left elbow…on my blanket…which was actually a DPN.

The needle ended up stuck about an inch into my arm. I actually had to do a fair bit of wiggling to get it out, although there was almost no blood (surprisingly). I was pretty surprised by how stretchy my skin was, and how attached it seemed to the needle. In the end, though, the needle had not only been pulled out of the knitting but the top end is completely bent- and pretty much unusable. Luckily, it’s a set of five needles and I only need four for a sock. Unfortunately, that needle is still a little bent in the middle from the last time I…stabbed it through my hand on accident. Whoops. Still, I’m pretty happy that this tragedy has a happy ending- namely one where I can keep knitting on my socks. And my arm barely hurts.


I guess I'll have to pick up some stitches...


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