Finished Object: another hat


I present to you, my wonderful readers, the finished object pictures of my newest hat! It is the perfect slightly in between warm and cold weather hat- I wore it all day yesterday.

So pretty!

You’ll note that I ripped out my decreases last time and added another pattern repeat. It ended up perfectly- it hits the top of my ears now and I had MAYBE two or three yards left of yarn. All in all, that sounds like a happy ending to me. Here’s a link to my ravelry pattern page.

Seriously. No yarn left...

I really enjoyed working on this pattern. Although the pdf is actually handwritten and then scanned in, it isn’t cluttered, or seemingly continuing on and on like some I’ve worked with. It’s just one page with the basic instructions and a chart. Some of the chart symbols are kind of incongruous (should the left-leaning decrease just be the opposite of a right-leaning?) and I don’t remember ever seeing a gauge (even though she referrers to it in the instructions- I guess you just need to divide the st count and total size yourself). Still, it’s a lot better than some free patterns I’ve come across, and I would highly recommend it (just with 1 extra repeat both ways, which was what I did).

What were they thinking?

I also wanted to tell you about something that happened just while I was trying to finish these pictures up. It was a football game weekend, so, by now, I thought I was pretty prepared for the madness. Trust me, I was not. This group brought their little trailer (which was painted with school-themed green and gold stripes) which had, in the back, a flat screen TV, speakers, and a satellite dish. They set up two tent/canopy things and filled them with buffet tables of food. And, my favorite part, about half of them never even went in to the game- they just chilled outside the whole time! Admittedly, it seemed like it was someone’s 50th birthday party, but still. Some people!


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