…Yet another hat…


So I guess I’m going to continue with my seemingly unending parade of hats. Today I found Kirimoth’s Sutro Heights Hat. It’s a worsted-weight hat pattern that starts as a rib and has a lace panel inserted in a few of the knitting-rib-bits. And it is very, very adorable. Although there are two versions- one slouchy and one…not- I decided to do the simpler one. Ravelry project link here.

A couple of months ago my Grandmother had taken me to Knit Wits, my LYS at home, to pick get some help on one of her first knitting projects in years. If you know my Bubbe at all, you will not be surprised to learn that she told ME to pick out something for myself while we were there. Trust me when I say that was not a problem. Eventually I settled on this skein of Chrystal Palace Mochi Plus, which I thought would make a cute hat. And then it languished in my stash until now, when I have become seemingly obsessed with making hats.

Super-short. But still cute!

Anyway, I pretty much followed the pattern the first time through, except I added an extra pattern repeat- CO under 90 stitches on the size US 7 needles that I used would not fit my head. I never thought I had an abnormally big head- maybe it’s all of this college nonsense. Anyway, by the time I finished the hat looked a little something like this. Do you notice something? Like, maybe it’s really short and I have A LOT of yarn left? By this point I’ve pretty much decided to rip down to when I started decreasing and make another pattern repeat. Oh well.

I don’t know if I have told you guys this before, but I’m not such a big fan of single-ply yarns. I usually somehow un-twist them or something and they become very, very splitty, which I am not such a fan of. Add to the mix that this yarn gets really thin in certain places and becomes a thick-unspun yarn in others and I hope you can see a problem coming. Luckily, I never actually broke the yarn (which I have done before), but I sure came close in places. In addition, the lace-rib pattern doesn’t really mesh well with the undefined nature of the yarn…it just looks kind of fuzzy in places. But it’s still pretty cute. I think, at this point its more the yarn dye job than the pattern doing the work- I could have knitted a straight stockinette or 2×2 rib hat and I’d still want to wear it…a lot. Or, at least, I will once it’s really finished.


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  1. Very cute hat (I’ve queued the pattern now!). I’ve only used mini mochi before, but I know what you mean about the thick/thin/underspun/etc parts of the yarn. The colours are gorgeous, but it can be pretty frustrating stuff!

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