Lolita Part 2


And here she is- Lolita! I finished her while I was home for fall break during a netflix marathon, and then took her out in the backyard for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, it was a little overcast, so the photos aren’t incredible, but I think you’ll get the drift.


I especially love my idea of putting the hat on a flower pot.

In the end I did four repeats of the lace chart before the decreases. The pattern only calls for three (although it suggests four if you have the yarn), but after four it barely comes to the tops of my ears. I have no idea how short the hat would be with only three repeats. If I had more than 50g of the yarn I would probably have done a fifth repeat. Admittedly, I haven’t blocked mine yet- I’m afraid opening up the lace will take away from the zig-zag look that the decreases make. Maybe blocking with make it grow a lot…and maybe not.

Zigging and zagging, like a boss

Additionally, I had a little bit of trouble with the decrease chart. Usually I’m really good with visualizing a chart in my head. Especially after a couple of repeats, I can just see what the knitting was and where it should go- do you know what I mean? The decrease chart took about half of the repeats and turned them into decreases- on some rows…I think. Obviously, I still don’t have a handle on it ;). Of course, it didn’t help that my computer won’t connect to the printer at home (God forbid I think ahead and print off a chart at school), so I had to have the chart in a separate browser window overlaid on top of my netflix window. If you’ve every tried this, I’m sure you can attest that it isn’t the best method… If I ever knit the pattern again I would probably re-write the decrease rounds, just to make them a little more intuitive. Still, it was a nice pattern, and it makes a darn cute hat!

And, because this is yet another football weekend, I thought I would treat you to a picture of the going-ons outside my window. Yes, that is a trailer with a flatscreen TV, speakers, satellite dish, and green and gold racing stripes. Yes, they do have two canopies set up with buffets of food. Yes, I do think it is overkill.



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