Lolita Part 1


A couple of months ago when I visited my aunt and uncle in Maryland we made sure to check out a few yarn shops. At In Stitches Needlework I splurged a little and bought myself a skein of Alpaca With A Twist Temptation. Here’s the link to my ravelry stash page on it. This yarn felt perfect- squishy, soft, something about the silk content (80% alpaca, 20% silk) gave it a little more structure than you would think- still not up to the wool par, but able to actually hold some lace without falling in on itself. Looking back, I should have bought two skeins and made myself a scarf (why don’t I have a grey scarf…oh well. I guess I may need to hit up knitting sisters!), but with only the one that was probably out of the question…

Slowly starting

I ended up deciding on the Lotus Hat, which I keep wanting to call Lolita for some reason. I’m using my size 7 needles- I didn’t swatch, but 96 stitches on a CO edge with size 6 needles usually makes a hat that is too small for me. Although the yarn is very easy on the hands, I’ve been noticing something as I knit. Along with the usual fuzz that I was expecting from this halo-y yarn, there are these weird specks- they sorta remind me of lint. Here’s a couple of close-ups, hopefully you can see what I’m talking about.

See those little white flecks?

How about now? Also, close up of the stitch pattern...

Does anyone have any ideas what this is? I haven’t really found any mentions of this on anyone else’s ravelry pages, so maybe it is something unique to my yarn. It doesn’t seem to really harm the yarn, it’s just an annoying addition to what would otherwise be a pretty perfect project! Anyway, I’m about half-way done with Lolita at this point- here’s my progress. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to show you some finished shots!


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  1. No idea about the white specks – maybe email the manufacturer, they may be able to explain it?

    Alpaca/silk blends are my favourite yarns to knit with, I love how soft and buttery they feel 🙂

    And you’ve just made me realise that I also don’t have a grey scarf… I must recitfy this 😉

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