Finished Object: Trilo!


This was another project I squished in during my sick-watching-TV-and-knitting-mania.

Hat! Notice the flower-pot model. Very classy.

I will admit, when I first saw this in knitty I was wondering what they were thinking. It really looked kind of stupid- something you would make that one child you know that wants to be a paleontologist. And then I saw it somewhere else- I can’t even remember where- and started thinking about it. Most of my knit hats are either made for much colder weather than I almost ever get, and the others are the kind of lacy hat you pull on when its in the 50’s and you just DON’T WANT TO BE COLD. It would be nice to have something in between-something that wouldn’t overheat my head every time I walked out the door, but also wouldn’t let ALL of the cold air in. Plus, it is cute. The little fossils grow on you, especially when you are in an environment that is distinctly nerdy and minus almost any contact with children. Here’s the ravelry page with lots of happy-looking people modeling their hats, and here’s my ravelry project page.


So, last Fri. night I Cast On with my size 8 options (already put together!) and did the ribbing. The rest of the pattern was pretty much blitzed on a Hulu binge: NBC’s Thurs. night comedies- the Office, Parks and Rec, Community (why does no one watch that show- it is honestly hilarious!), then Grey’s, and I finally finished during Tron: Legacy on Netflix (not as bad as I thought it would be).

Maybe he's a pirate trilobite...I should get him an eyepatch. Arrr!

Except for the fact that I apparently forgot to bobble twice (and they aren’t next to each other…strange) I am quite enamored of this hat. Sure, I’ll never wear it to anything that could be construed as a nice occasion, but it will be perfectly fine for walking around campus.


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