So, I’m home for “Fall Break,” which is really just an extra long weekend designed to cut the midterm frenzy in half. It worked- I completely needed the break, and I am feeling much, much better!

As a result of my convalescence, I watched a lot of TV and got a lot of knitting done, including the now-completed scarf! This morning I decided to begin blocking it. Of course, then I remembered that, while I keep a few of my blocking mats at home, I had left all of my T-Pins at school. Never fear! I tore the 50% off coupon out of this morning’s paper and made a quick trip to Michaels.  While the store was not too busy, there were about fifteen people in line with only two cashiers, which I thought was a little strange and…annoying.

Anyway, I eventually made it home and started the blocking! Here we have the whole scarf- see how it grew. I knew it would stretch. It’s a couple of inches over 4 feet, which I think is an entirely respectable…scarfette. Anyway, please ignore the fact that the few blocking mats I keep here clearly is not enough- the cow towel is doing its best.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I ran out of blocking wires (soldering rods that my dad grabbed for me) about 2/3 of the way up the second side. Good thing I bought the 60-pack of pins- I used at least 25 trying to keep the edge from scalloping too much.

And here is a nice little close up. The stitch pattern is really opening up with the blocking, and I am so glad I ended up switching to the size 10 needles. I KNOW the 8’s wouldn’t have made such an airy fabric!

up close!

As soon as it finishes drying (hopefully BEFORE I leave), I’ll post some finished object pix for you guys!


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