Sorry for the late update! I suppose this week can be aptly described as Midterm madness part 2. It’s the week between fall break (which is only a four-day weekend), so it feels like most of my Professors tried to slip in a little something extra. I just finished my Anthropology midterm (did you know that Awlad ‘Ali is the town where Lila Abu-Lughod did her ethnographic study? Don’t worry, I didn’t either, and I got the question wrong…), so I thought I would give you a little update on the knitting.

I knit about 10 inches on the scarf using the size 8 needles when I realized something– it was feeling a little stiff. I groaned and grumbled for a couple of rows, but eventually I used the little hole in my needles and some dental floss to put a life-line in. And then I used that hole again to unscrew my size 8 options and put in the 10’s. After knitting a couple of repeats it looked something like this.

So. Much. Better.

Do you see how the lace opened up a little and the whole piece looked more…undefined and wavy? It was pretty much as fantastic as I could want. So I snapped the floss with my fingers (grrr. I am hulk! I destroy bad knitting!) and ripped back the entire 10 inches. Oh well…


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