Feather and Fan??


As anyone near where I live can attest, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees somewhere around last Friday. As one of my Professors hypothesized this morning (History, not something useful like Biology), the reason the whole campus is crabby is because it’s Monday and rainy and the drop in temperature has made us sick. I don’t know about the WHOLE campus, but I have certainly caught SOMETHING. That something makes my head hurt, and my nose runny, and my lack of long sleeved clothes problematic. I had almost placed an $90 order on oldnavy.com (30% of Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic online for the next couple of days) before I remembered that I’m going home this weekend for Fall Break where I will have access to ALL of my warm clothes. And, you know, my mom to tuck me into bed and bring me soup and tea. Yeah!

But in the short term, I decided to do a quick project switch. Usually I only work on one project at a time– I never seem to go back to projects that I switch away from. Judging from the fact that I have a maximum of two hours work left on the sweater, I’m sure I’ll go back to it…eventually. Right now I cast on Danielle’s Hanukah scarf. I decided on my size 8 needles for no better reason than that I already had my options assembled (and they should create a nice lace with a DK yarn…right?) and, after flipping through a stitch dictionary and not really falling in love with any of the more complicated patterns, I decided on a simple feather and fan stitch. Hopefully the combo of the sea-like colors of the yarn and the wavy pattern will remind her of the beach-town where she comes from while she is at Grad school up in the mountains. What do you all think? For now, I like it, but no promises that I won’t rip it out and decide on something new.



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  1. It looks lovely! The yarn and the stitch pattern really go well together, the colour looks like an autumn beach and I think she will love it.
    Get well soon!

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