So today I finally found the time to stop in at my school LYS, Knitting Sisters. Can I say how much I love this shop? The staff is always really helpful– greeting you when you come in, looking in the back for extra skeins, offering to wind your purchases before you leave. And, of course, their yarn is spectacular. They carry a couple of more ‘workhorse’ sweater yarns (like my Galway), and their sock yarn selection really is great, but the really shine on their hand-dyed, expensive, but oh-so-yummy yarns that you just want to stand there and stroke. It really is fantastic. If you are ever in Williamsburg, you must hit them up!

This afternoon, I went into the store with a plan–I would be allowed the extra skein I needed for my sweater and ONE other thing. And that one other thing had to be acceptable to be knitted into a Hanukah scarf for my sister, the self-titled scarf-whore. Let me tell you, I petted almost every skein in that store, but eventually I settled on their little island-shelf-thing with the Manos Silk Blend. Of course, I picked up about three or four of their hand-painted colorways, but I ended up deciding on this.

Manos Silk Multi in the Abalon Colorway

There it is, the beauty. And here’s a closer up shot-


It’s hard to tell in my pictures, but what looks like a tan is really more of a light pink, and some of the darker blues are more purpley, and the brownish vomit color is actually a delightful shade of green. Whoops. Here’s a link to some much better pictures on ravelry. See? It really has much more depth than my crappy pictures show.

I really have no idea what pattern I will use for this, but I’ll probably start flipping through my stitch dictionaries about as soon as I finish what is rapidly becoming the sweater from hell (maybe I’ll squeeze a pair of socks in there…or two?). Speaking of the sweater from hell, I’ve just finished the button band, and as soon as I sew the sleeves on I’ll take some pictures for you, and tell you the story of my progress! Finally, I’ll close with the gorgeous assembly of my meager purchases…

So small, but so beautiful!


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