Sweater Saga part…whatever


So, Sunday afternoon I pulled out the sweater one more time, and I noticed something. Can you tell?

Can you tell???

Yes, that’s it- the two button bands don’t match. The first one I did is about an inch longer than the other one. When I made them, I tried to stop as soon as I got to the decreases for the V-Neck, but apparently I missed the first one and just kept picking up stitches. Whoops.

there it is!

So, I ripped. It was glorious! Well, maybe not glorious. It was more…cathartic. And sad.

It's GONE!

And then I had some much-needed comedic relief. (You have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to do this. WordPress wouldn’t just let me copy/paste the embed code; I had to use this other one that I found by searching the forums…it was quite the conundrum.) (Also, can I just say how much I love Alec Baldwin? The cold open was SPECTACULAR!!! Although my roommate wishes they had revived the now-famous shweddy balls sketch…)

And, 45 minutes later, I ended up with a much better button band.

Finally...pretty even.

Unfortunately, today I tried to play around with the collar. I think I got something I like, but I’ve run out of yarn with maybe 5-10ish more rows to go. I won’t be able to hit the knitting store until Wed., but I’ll make sure to keep you updated on whatever I figure out!

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