Family Weekend!


This weekend has been designated, by the powers that be, family weekend at my school. This means that parents, siblings, and extended family descend en masse onto campus. Yesterday, some parents even went to classes with their children. Eeeek! When I told my dad this he warned that he might break into hives the next time he enters a college classroom.

Considering I only live an hour away, my parents came up for some me-time. We started out down at the farmers market, where they also did an art show. They must have asked the artists to do demonstrations, because many of them were actually working on pieces. As a result, while my mom browsed the stalls we got to watch a guy build a kayak (!) and another do woodwork, which was pretty darn cool (or at least I thought so).

I had planned to have my parents take me to an italian restaurant for lunch (good eats!) but the place was closed (who is closed for lunch on Saturday, anyway?) so we ended up going to the Green Leaf. The Green Leaf originally was a bar (with food) right next to campus. We ended up going to the location a little farther away, which I assumed would be a little less bar-y and more restaurant-y. It was still pretty low-key, and the service was definitely more on a bar standard, but the food was good, so I was pretty happy. Don’t judge, but I was still in an Italian kind of mood, so I got a meatloaf sandwich, which had marinara instead of ketchup and some sort of Italian cheese melted on top (parmigiana?). YUM!!!

And then finally we went to the a Capella showcase. Unfortunately, they had moved it to our basketball arena because of rain, so the acoustics weren’t amazing. But my school is pretty into A Capella, and we had eleven groups preform. My favorite was definitely Reveille’s rendition of Rolling in the Deep- it was pretty awesome. (I think there is a different soloist in the version on youtube.) My mom ended up buying their CD! To finish up this post, I leave you with a couple awesome A Capella songs… Please don’t judge me for spending half an hour picking out these songs on youtube. Also, I make no claims that these are the best of our A Capella choices, they were just the first three of my favorites I found!


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