Sweater Heaven, or the Sweater Saga Part 4


The last time we saw the darling body of my sweater, it was blocking, looking something like this.

Well, actually, this is a picture I took right before I unpinned it. But it pretty much looked like this. I swear!

So, two days ago I finally decided to pop in my local library’s copy of Little Dorrit on DVD (highly recommended, by the way) and just get to work. I unpinned the sweater, unfolding it to reveal a only slightly noticeable crease.

I mean, really. Who is gonna notice this? And it will probably go away when I block it a second time, right?

And then got to work. Or, at least, I tried to get to work. I couldn’t find a single yarn needle (I have to own AT LEAST ten, but they are never around when I need them), which finally resulted in me dumping out my pencil cup and looking in the bottom. My pencil cup is pretty full with the usual pens, pencils, and scissors, but it also houses a few spare dpns, the fake flower I was giving during my serenade during freshman orientation (one of our best traditions, in my opinion. Boys halls practice songs together and serenade girls halls. And then they have awkward mixers…), etc. But, way in the bottom, I found a yarn needle. Unfortunately, it has a bent tip. For some reason, I have trouble making a straight edge with a bent-tip needle. I suppose they are really good for sewing in ends, but not so much for this. I would just have to work. Anyway, I got to work sewing up the shoulder seams…

Shoulders! And bent-tip yarn needles!

And then I began preparations to block out my sleeves. My awesome, infallible plan (famous last words) was to block the sleeves separately from the sweater, but still be able to use the already-blocked and shoulder-seamed together sweater as a template to make sure I shape the armholes correctly. Sorry if this sounds confusing, and sorry if the pictures are a little blurry. As you can see, my set-up is a little cramped.

The entire set-up. Mixing bowl of water and un-blocked sleeves on a rubbermaid bin. Blocking mat, semi-finished pieces, and a pile of blocking pins on the bed (good thing I didn't forget any!). Please ignore the miscellaneous laundry.

A wet sleeve. It sort of looks like the blob that ate...something.

Pinning the sleeve.

Sorry for this super-crappy shot of me trying to fit both armholes together. Believe it or not, it's hard to get an amazing shot in low light, while trying to hold wet AND drying knitting in place. Who would've thought?

Finally, two sleeves, all pinned out and ready to dry!

This is when it was all put under my bed for me to forget about.

And then, when that was all over, I sat down, paying only slightly more attention to Little Dorrit, and seamed up the sides. This was surprisingly unproblematic- maybe it was karma’s way of saying sorry for the sleeve-blocking fiasco!

Final product...ish. You can't tell, but I'm actually standing on my desk chair, trying to get a good shot of the sweater in the mirror over my sink. Because that is the only mirror I have.


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