College? What College?


Since the only sweater progress I have to show you is one rather un-interesting sleeve, I thought I would talk about something else today.

Sleeve-y, right?

Today is game-day. As I am lucky enough to NOT go to a big sports school, campus hasn’t quite erupted into a flurry of football-fever, but it is rather close. My dorm this year is right near the football stadium, so I can tell you that, despite the rain, preparations have been ensuing all morning. They emptied out the parking lot for tailgating and have blocked off about half of the roads on my side of campus. Most students have taken this with an attitude of resignation. My school is more famous for it’s nerdyness that athleticism. With the weather, I’m sure they won’t get more than a couple of hundred die-hards tonight, but I still look forward to hearing the obnoxiously loud announcements until AT LEAST eleven. Oh well, I guess that’s the price you pay for getting a dorm right near a big parking lot…

the stadium and afore-mentioned parking lot


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