The Sweater Saga- Part 3, or BLOCKING FEVER!


So, after having knit the back and both fronts in a record week, I decided to block the sweater. The edges kept of curling, and I had no intentions of trying to sew up the seams without pinning them out first. After all, I squeezed my foam blocking mats in with my move-in things…right?

a single, lonely blocking mat...

So, after filling two of my mixing bowls up with water from the kitchen, and then carrying them back to my dorm, I commenced with the blocking. First thing I noticed when I started laying out my pieces is that it had grown from a roomy 17.5″ across the back to almost 19″. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot…right?

19 inches. Oh, God, please save me.

And then, because I am the smartest person in the world, it wasn’t until the pieces were already wet that I realized that I was about 1 block short of enough room. Needless to say, I got creative. I ended up folding the tops of all three pieces over, on top of themselves, leaving me with one extra piece, which is currently lurking in that picture up top. I’m sure this will make it take longer to dry, but it should work out…right?

Folding over your knitting. Such a smart thing to do.

And then, as I ended my streak of cursing that, I’m sure, made my room mate’s ears turn blue, I realized that, considering the whole reason for this bout of craziness was to get rid of the curl on the edges, it was pretty much a waste of time. Because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE EDGES HAS SOME SORT OF CURL. So then I hid it under my bed and cried some more.

Normal people hide their knitting under their beds...sure...


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