To the world (or the part of it that is listening)


I don’t really know who is out there, but for those few people who ARE reading this (if you do exist), I just want to explain myself. Obviously, it can be nothing but sheer folly to start a knitting blog when your desk looks like this.

my desk, as of 9/11.

Obviously. I mean, what can I be thinking? But to be honest, I am way too tired of clicking on my g-reader, hoping against hope that SOMEONE on my blogroll has updated. I love reading knitting blogs, and I especially love reading them when I am supposed to be reading such scintillating works as William A. Christian, Jr.’s Local Religion in Sixteenth-Century Spain. I really don’t know how anyone would be able to tear themselves away from this masterpiece of literary genius, but knitting blogs just seem to attract me, even when academic pursuits threaten to overtake my entire life.

Obviously, since I have every intention of this being a knitting blog (Every Single Intention. It Will Happen. I Swear), I should write about my knitting. I guess this means I should begin with The Saga Of the Interweave Sweater. This sweater (the Gemini Cardigan) is in the latest issue of interweave knits (ravelry page-, and I immediately fell in love with it. Maybe it was the majestically dark purple. Maybe it was the happy, relaxed model. Maybe it was the way the sweater fit that model PERFECTLY. I do not really know why, but I HAD TO KNIT THAT SWEATER.

Last weekend I journeyed to the sumptuous Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA ( and picked up five balls of galway worsted. Please note- the yarn the pattern calls for is called lanaloft WORSTED. Do we think it is entirely presumptuous to assume that another worsted yarn would generally fit the gauge? I didn’t think so…

5 skeins of Galway Worsted in a wonderful light olive.

I first tried gauge with a size 8 needle. 5.5 stitches per inch. Considering it was supposed to be 4 stitches per inch, I was slightly suspicious, but I unconcernedly untwisted my knitpicks options (AMAZING!) and put on the size 9’s. 5 stitches per inch. At this point I was getting a little annoyed. I ended up settling on size 10’s, knitting the 38.25″ size (considering I am a modest 34″ bust, I thought it would work out). Still, despite the fact that the yarn, while called worsted, was clearly AT LEAST heavy worsted, if not chunky, I powered on.

Oh, God.

So here I am knitting away with my galway worsted, following the pattern pretty well, when a thought struck me- since I was knitting the body all together, I would have to separate the pieces for the sleeves…right? But there weren’t very many instructions left before the sleeves part. And then I saw it. Right there. This cardigan had raglan sleeves. Raglan sleeves, knit from the bottom up- as in the kind of sleeves that never fit me very well. Needles to say, I gave a few rather inspired curses, and before my temper had even left me, I ripped back the few inches to where I had joined my second skein. And then, I restarted my cardigan.

For part two of this harrowing sweater story, please tune in next time (whenever that may be!)


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